Business Consulting

How do we get back to work during a pandemic?

As we re-open, will you be ready to meet the needs of your employees and customers?

The first question was, "when will we re-open?" 

The second questions is, "what will this look like?"

The third, "how can I lead my team through this?"

Chances are many of your employees will be struggling with emotions, worries and stresses they did not have prior to the pandemic. Rooted Compassion can help you be ready to support your employees and customers through this challenging time through consultation and training. All of this help can be completed virtually. You need assistance. Rooted Compassion can provide it. Your business can recover and become better than you dreamed.


Rooted Compassion Counseling and Consulting is dedicated to your well-being and the well-being of your employees, customers and business. Mental and emotional power are vital to successful living. The pandemic is affecting us all in so many different ways. Many people feel lost and confused. We can help you help your staff move into empowered thoughts, feelings and actions.


Amy has studied both trauma and the way emotions impact our thoughts and behaviors for many years. She also deeply understands what it means to walk with people as they recover from difficult situations. Amy comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and is a long-time business owner.


Coaching and Speaking

Amy utilizes her extensive experience in leadership, coaching and social wisdom to provide workshops and training that guide businesses and individuals to maximize their potential and increase their impact. If you need small group consultation or large group trainings, Amy can meet those needs.

The brilliance of Amy Sullivan is her ability to put strengths alongside challenges.  Her presentation of the Polyvagal Theory allows us to see how our vagus nerve does so much more than just respond to fear.  Amy shows us how it also supports regulation and resilience.  Passionately and creatively, she helps us identify ways to engage our vagus nerve for our growth instead of working to only contain its fear response.  She helps us identify, celebrate and strengthen our higher selves based on the power of our own biology.

 Amy’s creativity inspires, enriches and invites those she serves to find new and unexpected ways to discover and engage their hidden gifts and resilience.   

Amy is a lifelong learner who synthesizes and expands on what she learns to find new and creative ways to help us explore the strengths within our survival skills. 

Mary Vicario

Mary Vicario, LPCC-S

Finding Hope Consulting, LLC