Reflective writing, what some may call journaling, can be therapeutic, research during times of transition, healing and a way to discover things about ourselves we did not know. As much as healing and recovery happens in relationship to others, there is benefit to exploring our thoughts and feelings independently.  Writing gives us the opportunity to express ourselves, deciding later what is shared and when. Writing is a place to meet ourselves without the influence of others, without wanting to say the “right thing” to please or connect to another. Many people find they can write what they can’t say.

Writing can look like:

Making lists

Writing about likes, dislikes, values, or morals

Unsent or sent letters or email

Venting when angry or sad or happy

Song lyrics

Tweets you want to send but don’t


Writing to get feelings out

Dream journals

Writing to learn what you are feeling

Dialogues with others

And many other options

Answering prompts or questions

What I Feel From Where I Sit

 A 6 Week writing circle for Female Therapists*

*Those working in the healing field


As therapists we spend countless hours listening to the stories of others. 

We hold sacred a space for them to do so. How do we hold space for ourselves?


What I Feel From Where I Sit is a unique opportunity to join with other women therapists to give voice to our experiences openly and creatively within a supportive environment.


Therapists know how important sharing one’s stories and personal experiences in a safe, supportive environment can be for healthy coping and prevention of compassion fatigue.

Therapists know there are many creative ways to do this.

Therapists also know the value of community.


Please join me in taking some time just for you within a relaxed and comfortable 

community of other women who work from the heart.


                  Dates: August 26, September 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

         Time:    6:45 pm Arrival time

             7:00 pm to 9:00 pm Circle Time

              Location: This is a virtual class, meeting on Zoom

                    Cost: $250 for the series of six classes


Questions? Contact Amy Sullivan at amy@rootedcompassion.com

As a Facilitator of writing circles, Amy brings a love of writing as well as knowledge and experience in guiding others to write for self-discovery and healing. Amy attended the Conscious Feminine Leadership Academy offered by Women Writing for a Change (2019 class) to develop skills to facilitate writing circles and brings these skills and this knowledge to the counseling process. Amy believes writing does not have to be grammatically correct with proper spelling or even legible. Amy does believe writing can be healing, illuminating and incredibly helpful to the therapeutic process.

Amy Sullivan is a compassionate and skilled holder of space.  It was my good fortune to spend significant, in-depth time with Amy because of her participation in The Conscious Feminine Leadership Academy (class of 2019) which I co-designed and co-facilitated. 

In those weeks, I  witnessed Amy’s authenticity and her capacity to be present to others as well as be aware of her own growing edges. 

I attended Amy’s practicum which was a workshop for therapists on polyvagal theory and learned a great deal that was useful to me personally as well as professionally.  I enthusiastically recommend Amy to anyone seeking a safe place created by a wise, grounded therapist.

Mary Pierce Brosmer (she/her)
Founder, Women Writing for (a) Change
Owner, Consulting for (a) Change