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Does the word “trauma” scare you?

Many people report it does.

We tend to think of trauma as a very big thing that happens only to veterans or maybe a crime victim. Here is how Amy understands it:

trauma is any event that impacts our nervous system, brain and body causing us to move into patterns of thoughts and behaviors that help us survive.

For many of us, we keep those patterns long after the need for survival has passed. Have you ever noticed you are verbally arguing with someone, only to later think, I wish I hadn't argued with them? Or that you shut down in response to a situation that upon later reflection you realize it didn’t seem so significant? These might be indications that you are living with patterns that may no longer serve you. Honestly, most of us don't realize the impact past events have on our current functioning. In the therapeutic relationship, Amy will seek to help you develop a deep sense of felt safety so you can begin to live the life you want, shedding those old patterns. 

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